AICOOK Automatic Bread Maker Review

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This is our detailed product review for the AICOOK Automatic Bread Maker.

Does the good reputation hold up or not? Let’s find out!

Our rating: 5 / 10


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  • High quality
  • The price is great
  • Provides customizable settings for different bread tastes and textures
  • The crust comes out nice and brown
  • The tray and pan are removable for easy cleaning
  • The 13 hour timer gives you time to wake up, shower, and get ready, but still have fresh bread ready to go when you come down.


  • The baking noise is a little loud
  • The end product is extremely dense

The AICOOK Automatic Bread Maker is a favorite among those who want to make healthy, fresh bread alone in the kitchen without needing to rely on a professional to deliver warm, fresh sandwich bread to the door. The machine is designed to make both wholesome gluten-free breads and also gluten-full sandwich bread to satisfy the entire family.

The bread is full of nutrition, as the makers mentioned, and it provides 3 crust colors and 13 settings that allow you to make up to a 2-pound loaf of bread and have it ready in just an hour. The bread is made with the dough cycle, which the makers said is ideal for healthier bread-making.

There is 1-hour keep warm mode after the baking cycle is complete. Adding fruits and nuts to make your bread even healthier with fiber is also possible. There is an audible reminder to add anything extra into the bread maker.

The non-stick, dishwasher-safe pan and removable cover make clean-up simpler. The bread machine is a breeze to use as well because it offers visual instructions right on the display screen.

The automatic bread machine comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee.

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