Aingoo PU Leather Dining Chairs Set of 4 Review

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Today we'll be reviewing the Aingoo PU Leather Dining Chairs Set of 4.

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  • Color is very vibrant
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent price for what you get


  • None!
  • Aingoo 4 modern dining chair set comes with a rich black PU leather, chrome brushed aluminium legs, and curved ergonomic backrest.
  • The backrest of the chair is specially curved to give your back maximum comfort, which I have to admit, works pretty well.

This chair is specifically made for the dining room or kitchen. It has an ergonomic curve back that perfectly follows the human body's back curve to provide all-round support. It also has a very simple and modern style, with a black finish that gives it a sleek look, and also fits into any modern home.

What makes this chair special is that it is made of eco-friendly PU leather, which is easy to clean and resistant to water, food stains, and spills. It has a steel frame and comes with a floor protector.

The whole idea of this chair is to make it easy to clean, and I have to say that it definitely does that. The backs of the chairs are designed to be very easy to disconnect and put back on the chair with a simple gear system that adjusts to the weight you push on the chair to remove the backrest, making it very easy and convenient.

Lastly, it is made of strong steel and has a black paint finish to withstand the years. It comes in one set of 4 chairs with a floor protector area and measures 37.5 inches tall by 22.5 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep.

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