Blackstone Griddle Top Replacement- How To Do It Effectively?

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How to Replace Blackstone Griddle Top?

You can replace your Blackstone griddle top if you want a new look or if the top is no longer working properly. An easy way to change the top is to look online for it. Fix a time when the griddle top is delivered to your doorstep.

{1}. Order and arrange the delivery of the Blackstone griddle top that suits your existing range.
{2}. Open the original package and discard the old griddle top.
{3}. Transfer all the electronic parts that you need from the old top to the new one.
{4}. Clean out any loose debris from the induction surface and the combustion area.
{5}. Align the new top to the range.
{6}. Secure it with the screws and tighten the bolts.
{7}. So before you order for an entirely new replacement, look for the replacement package and order it online. This also saves you money!

Step 1: Arrange the following materials and tool to get the job done.

Other products with compatible dimensions, such as grates for gas barbecues, fire place grates, and mandolins.

Abrasive towels, I generally use channel lock pliers. These soft towels are used to clean grates.

A pair of gloves is suggested for you to protect your hands.

A Hammer.

A Sharp knife.

Sand paper: Coarse, Medium, Fine.

Nuts, bolts, wrench, or screwdriver.

Monkey Wrench.

A hose with water connected to it.

Step 2: Prepare the area

Make sure there is adequate working space around the Blackstone Griddle Top.

Step 2: Put on the PPE.

Even though you will be at home and you will not be directly exposed to the fire and heat, you should still protect yourself with the necessary clothing and devices.

First and foremost, you will need to go get a pair of fire-resistant gloves. If you are lucky, they will have a coating that includes asbestos, which will provide some heat resistant ability. Wear this in addition to the usual gear that you should have when you are cooking.

Next, put on your apron and a hat. You will be moving a lot around the grill and you will be exposed to heat, so a protective hat is a great idea to protect your head and scalp.

Lastly, you should put on your oven mitts. Although you will not be directly exposed to the fire, it can still burn you if you get too close and you lose control of the grill. The heat will penetrate through the gloves and will make your hands sweat. This will cause for you to lose your grip and control over the grill.

Although you will not be directly exposed to the fire and heat, you should still protect yourself with the necessary clothing and devices.

Step 3: Turn your grill on.

Turn the burners on low, you want a nice long sustained flame. Place your cast iron griddle top on the grill and move it around to get the grime to spread around evenly. Make sure you go all the way around the top.

Step 4: Turn the griddle off after 2 minutes.

Turn the Blackstone griddle top off after it has been on for 2 minutes. This will allow the blackstone griddle to cool down completely, before it is handled. The grease from your food that you have cooked will be harden on the surface of the griddle top. It would be best if you wait for some time, before you can thoroughly clean it in order to prevent yourself from getting an injury.

Step 5: Scrape the griddle top.

The scrapbowl, which is the black soft foam underneath the griddle top, may need to be replaced if it gets too worn. This is best done away from the campsite or home.

You can buy these replacement pieces, order them online or buy a new griddle top.

Step 6: Oil the surface to scrub the griddle.

Before doing the clean up, you need to apply soapy water. There is a sponge that's included in the package.

Use the sponge to clean the griddle. The sponge should be firm enough to do a thorough job.

You can use a bottle filled with water to rinse the surface. Make sure that you use warm water for the rinse cycle.

The use of soap is critical to remove all types of stains. If you fail to use a soap, then the stains would remain in the surface and spoil the look of the griddle.

The cleaning process becomes a lot easier if you have a good scrubbing pad. The pad should be hard but smooth at the same time.

You can use the scrubber to remove grime present in the griddle. Make sure that you do not use the scrubber for dry and wet cleaning jobs.

During cleaning, there is a need to apply some cleansing materials like a scrubber or a sponge. You need to be a bit careful in ensuring that these materials do not damage the surface of griddle. You need to apply soap only to non-stick surfaces and non-metal based parts.

After using the scrubber, don’t forget to rinse the surface with water. Use warm water while rinsing off the soap.

Step 7: Blackstone griddle seasoning.

The blackstone griddle top is not very thick and is also quite flat and smooth. So, now it is time to add some character to it. It is done through a process of seasoning the griddle by cooking food on it. You will burn the food particles on the hot top surface which will contribute to the formation of a natural black coating which protects the surface from rusting.

Place a pizza or a few slices of bacon or a burger on the iron griddle top but do not use oil. This procedure will burn the food particles on the top that will contribute to the blackening of the surface naturally. Since it is a fairly slow process, it will require spread out sessions to get the top fully blackened. Soon after cooking, clean the food particles from the iron griddle surface with warm water.

Like seasoning cast iron cookware, the seasoning will have to be repeated on a regular basis to maintain the black surface.

Rinse the griddle with warm water and dry thoroughly, including the griddle top.

If you prefer to grill healthier food, treat the griddle with vegetable oil and use it to grill healthy nuggets of fish, chicken or vegetables.

Final step: Add a protective layer of cooking oil to your griddle in-between uses.

Beware of the water marks. When you are the preheating, pour water (about a teaspoonful) all over the griddle. This step will prevent the griddle from rusting and also be sure that there is no water that is remaining between the panes and causing the water marks.

Bring the griddle to room temperature, or else you may get the same water marks.


Blackstone Griddle Top Replacement can be done by a rookie needing less than an hour to finish. The basic components used when replacing a griddle top are: a screwdriver, sand paper, a hammer, gasket and a replacement griddle top for your outdoor grill.

Before you get started, examine your damaged griddle top to determine what caused it to warp or become warped. In most cases, your griddle top has warped due to a gas leak. Additionally, it is advisable to use heat resistant gloves while replacing your Griddle top and throwing out the old griddle top.

It is important to replace the griddle top of your outdoor grill immediately if you have noticed that your grill is not heating up effectively. Low heating grill is a sign that your griddle top needs to be replaced. When replacing your griddle top make sure to use a thick bed of charcoal to allow for optimal heat distribution.

In conclusion, the main purpose of replacing your griddle top is to extend the lifespan of your outdoor grill. The lifespan of a griddle top is directly proportional to the amount of heat distribution it can support.

Beside replacing your griddle top, always remember to put on a thick bed of charcoal and replace your griddle top as soon as you notice that it has become warped.

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