DALSTRONG Cleaver Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the DALSTRONG Cleaver.

We’ll provide you with all the detailed information you could need. You just need to make your own final decision.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $$$

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  • Handmade in Japan to the highest quality standards
  • Razor sharp Damascus stainless steel blade
  • Tough AUS-10V Japanese steel
  • Extremely durable design and construction
  • Great blade strength and edge retention
  • Rock hard 62 HRC
  • Deep blade bevel for durability
  • Comfortable D-Shaped handle
  • Great return policy
  • Registered design by DALSTRONG


  • The blade is too narrow for most everyday kitchen tasks.
  • The handle is smaller than most users prefer.

I've tried a lot of knives to prepare a high-quality chicken breast, and my experience has always been that high-quality chef's knife is the perfect choice. It is not perfect, but you can achieve that goal with a good chef's knife.

I'm always looking for the cheap, "bang for the buck" knife when it comes to preparing meat. Usually, I am left with badly cut meat, even just small chicken breast. It is my experience that the chef's knife is the best tool when it comes to small and large cuts of meat.

There is a name for it.

A steak knife is only for steak.

A bread knife is only for cutting slices of bread.

A utility knife is for cutting vegetables that grew in the dirt.

And a butcher knife is for cutting larger cuts of meat such as a side of beef.

The chef's knife, it's the middle one. It's a big one, for when you are going to put an animal in your crockpot.

I have a set of chef's knives that I like to use when I'm making a lot of kebabs. The chef's knife makes it easy for me to cut the small cuts of meat out of the chicken and then cut them all into large chunks.

It's the best option for me and I never go with anyone else.

You can put a piece of chicken in an oven-safe frying pan and just cook it on medium heat. There is no oil, so this is the best way to cook a piece of chicken breast.

The advantage of the chef's knife over a dulling cleaver, a sharp chef's knife will be used for small cuts of meat such as chicken breast.

What I like in a chef's knife is the long handle. Usually, you can cut a whole chicken breast by cutting the chicken breast in half and then cutting the thigh-bone in half. This way, you can have two half chicken breasts in there instead of a whole chicken breast and a piece of chicken from the thigh-bone.

The chef's knife is also a lot easier to clean because you can put it on a damp towel or paper towel and clean it off with some soap and water.

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