E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop.

We’ll provide you with all the detailed information you could need. You just need to make your own final decision.

Our rating: 9 / 10

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  • The microfiber on the mop is sturdy, soft, and thick
  • The mop includes a smooth microfiber pad that can be used for washing or scrubbing
  • The telescoping handle is sturdy and adjusts to several height settings
  • The mop can be used for cleaning both hard and soft surfaces
  • Converts from a mop to a dusting sheet, and back again, with ease
  • The mop is available in three sizes – small, medium, and large
  • The mop is machine washable

There has been a big push in the industry to move away from traditional mops and towards reusable cleaning cloths. If you clean with warm, soapy water, you're left with a mop that becomes very matted-up with each use. The E-Cloth is a great way to go if you're just getting started with the reusable cleaning cloth movement.

The E-Cloth mop head can be detached from the mop handle and washed and reused. Unlike other reusable cleaning cloths, you don't have to use toxic cleaners or mop buckets. The E-Cloth will deliver spotless, streak-free cleaning without drying-out the floor's finish.

The microfiber mop head can be quickly and easily attached to the aluminum extendable handle, which is great for maneuverability when cleaning. The microfiber cleaning cloths are made with special anti-bacterials that keep bacteria and mold from growing in them, so they are always ready for use.

The E-Cloth is washable and reusable, which keeps it super eco-friendly and saves money in the long run. A mop bucket only needs to be emptied once, whereas these reusable cloths could be washed a few hundred times before they wear out.

If you work in a restaurant, where floors are frequently wet and you have to worry about the health implications of traditional cleaning products, this is one to seriously consider.

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