How to Fix a Digital Scale? – The Ultimate Guide

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Common Errors of Digital Scale and How to Fix Them?

A digital scale is an electronic weighing scale that provides a digital readout of the inferred or unknown quantity. It is also called as a beam scale or spring scale. By knowing the precise input from the beam balance, the electronic scale provides the perfect and exact readings.

Throughout the past decade, digital scales have become one of the most common tools for measuring weight in laboratories, homes, and other medical facilities.

Thus, the major error that one can come across while using a digital scale is the scale's inability to zero. The zero error is the inability of the digital scale to nullify its own weight. It is the error in which the scale’s indication flashes when the weight applied is zero.

The other errors that can be encountered while using a digital scale are:

  • The inability of the digital scale to measure the mass
  • The lack of inclination or decline problem
  • The inability to deliver an exact magnetic pull
  • The inability to balance the result

If you happen to come across such errors while using a digital scale, then I suggest you consult the following Ultimate Guide to Fix all the Errors of Digital Scales.

Unstable weight reading

The most common issue you may encounter with digital scales is that they are just plain unreliable with their readings. Some are just not as accurate as they should be, some are both unreliable and inaccurate.

I remember the first digital scale I owned. It broke very quickly, so I ended up replacing it with a better one!

I was the type of guy to make sure that I stepped onto the scale at the same time every day. I walked on with the same amount of clothing so that I could get a good average of my weight.

But what I noticed was that every time I stepped on my scale, the readings varied, sometimes by 5 or more pounds. I couldn't figure out what was causing the issue. And then, one day I discovered on accident what was causing the problem.

If you think you're having the same problems, here's how you can fix them.

Inaccurate scale reading

The scale is our friend after a long hard day. It’s your daily weigh-in buddy who keeps you updated and inspires you to achieve your weight loss goals. Just picture walking into your bathroom thinking you’re weighing in at 157 lbs. Then all of a sudden the scale shows 155 and you’re really confused.

Not only is this an issue of weighing in and having to wait for a few minutes before you can weigh in again, but it can also be a matter of a few tenths of a pound that can determine whether you get to kiss that special someone, go out with friends or accept that new job offer. Understanding that small discrepancies can cause big troubles, we’re here to help you get to the bottom of your weight scale problem and fix it.

The scales don’t switch on

Some digital scales have an on/off button on the back , some have it on the front and some have it on the battery.

Display malfunction

This can occur if the scale is fallen down and the LCD screen is damaged or some other reasons. You can check the back of the scale to see if it has any cracks or other problems. Try to contact a store that sells the scale and exchange it with another scale.

However, if the display is still displaying numbers and the LCD screen is cracked, you can use toothpaste to stick the LCD screen to its place. After placing the toothpaste, clean the LCD stack and cover them with a plastic bag so no dust or dirt is falling into the LCD.

It is important that you leave the LCD screen for 5-10 minutes before you try to turn on your scale to make sure that the toothpaste seal the LCD screen to its place tightly.

If the LCD screen is still not working, you need to replace the LCD screen. This may be difficult so you can replace it with a new LCD screen from the Internet. If you are interested in it, you can search about it in your favourite search engine.

Another option is to just replace the broken scale with another one. Check at a local shop if you can get the same scale with the same price. If it is cheaper, it is better to get the same one than to buy another one.

How to reset your scale?

Before resetting your scale you have to ensure that your scale is currently showing a "0" reading. Otherwise you will lose this reading once you re-zero your item.

How to Ensure that Your Scale Is Showing "0"

{1}. Put your scale on a hard surface such as ceramic tile or concrete – not on carpet, grass, or a rug.
{2}. Hold a a "weight" on the scale for 10-15 seconds. You can hold a coin or a small object on it.
{3}. Remove it. It should read 0.0 kg or 0.0 lbs.

How to adjust a digital scale?

If you have a digital scale, there are few things you need to know:

{1}. The battery of the scale needs to be changed after a certain time of use. Don’t worry, digital scales have a battery indicator light that tells you when it’s time to change it.
{2}. Weighing on a level surface is essential for your measurements to be accurate. The tare function can be used for removing the weight or weight of the bowl. So, if you want to weigh a flour of 1kg, put the flour in a bowl and put the bowl on the scale. The scale will show 0.0. Then, press the tare button and the scale will show 0.0. Now, weigh the flour. The weight of the bowl will be subtracted from the total weight.
{3}. Whenever you change the container, you must zero the scale again.
{4}. To make sure your scale is accurate, you must calibrate it regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Measure with a Digital Scale?
You can use portable scales to measure anything, in any location, at any time. These scales are very versatile and are great for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Consistent weighing of your luggage before a flight, to make sure you don’t have too many bags that exceed the weight restrictions
  • Knowing the weight of you or your kids after gaining or losing a few pounds to help you or your doctor stay on track
  • Tracking the needs of your pets, such as the weight of your dog or cat or knowing how much food you should be feeding your fish
  • Measuring the weight of your backpack or suitcase, to see if it’s within the recommended weight restrictions for your flight or trip
  • Checking the weight of food that you want to eat to make sure it’s under a certain weight limit

How to Care for Electric Scales?

The electric bathroom scale is one of the most commonly used gadgets in many areas. Often times, most users will simply think that they could get away with the standard care when cleaning and maintaining their weight scales; however, this is hardly the case.

You need to have the best cleaning products for the bathroom that can guarantee to clean your scales to perfection and consistently make the scales look perfect.

Final Verdict

Well done on completing the chapter on 'How to Fix a Digital Scale'! Yes, a digital scale can be a very useful item in the household and is often considered to be a "luxury" item, hence if the scale is still under warranty, get in touch with the manufacturer. In all probability they will replace the scale free of cost or alternatively have a look at the manufacturer website where you can usually find the manufacturer’s contact details and then get in touch with the customer service.

If your digital scale isn’t under warranty, you are more than welcome to take a look at the following video where our expert will be guiding you step-by-step in this regard: