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You asked and we listened. Today we will review the Husband Pillow.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $$$

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  • Size and color are highly adjustable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Keeps the spine in place while you rest
  • Removable bungee fits many shoulder lines and is adjustable
  • Comes in two colors and two sizes for a customized fit and comfort
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning
  • You can change the height and shape of the pillow after purchasing
  • Comfortable and doesn’t move around
  • Provides a good support for the head without having to worry about your neck
  • If you experience pain and/or stiffness in the neck or shoulder, should definitely try this support pillow

Best of the Bed: Sleeping with an Upright "Husband Pillow"

Many women like to sleep on their back while sleeping and that's fine, but some women feel that they are more comfortable sleeping with a pillow-less headboard. The Husband Pillow is a great solution for women who want to sleep back-style.

The Husband Pillow offers maximum back comfort, support and warmth by providing support to the backbone and neck, and not just the back of the head, which is the traditional "U" shaped bed pillows. This unique design supports the entire upper body as opposed to the shoulders and neck as in the ordinary backrest pillow.

So if you are looking for a reading bed rest pillow, this is highly recommended.

When you wake up every day, the Husband Pillow should be a welcomed source of comfort which is not just for the head, but all the upper body so you can sleep deeply and feel the best during the day!

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