Kenmore 99059 Compact Mini Refrigerator Review

Eileen Martin
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In today’s article we will be reviewing the Kenmore 99059 Compact Mini Refrigerator.

We’ll provide you with all the detailed information you could need. You just need to make your own final decision.

Our rating: 6 / 10


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  • Can store about 50 12oz cans
  • Slim design allows it to fit in the tightest of corners
  • Excellent for outdoor parties and events
  • Keeps things cool and fresh
  • Energy efficient

With a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, the Kenmore 99059 Compact Mini Refrigerator is perfect for the kitchen, pantry, or garage, and will fit in a small space without sacrificing storage capacity.

With a black finish on the exterior, you can use the stylish window on the front to display your favorite beverages and foods without worrying too much about keeping the door closed.

The integrated drawer is nice, but isn't really big enough to store more than a few cans. This is not the case with the tall bottle storage that comes with a bottle brush and cleaning fluid.

I also like how the freezer is adjustable to whatever size you need, so you aren't forced to make a compromise between capacity and shelf space.

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