Philips 7146060PH Hue Go Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp Review

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In this article we’ll put the spotlight on the Philips 7146060PH Hue Go Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp.

It’s been popular on the market ever since it was launched and so we decided to take a closer look at it for you. Here we go:

Our rating: 7 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Option to choose between natural and warm white light
  • Ideal for placing on your desk
  • Very bright (350 Lumens)
  • Can be dimmed and customized
  • Interface is accurate and responsive
  • Easily programmable with your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Time-saving solutions for everyday problems
  • Comes with a mounting band, which will allow you to program lighting effects for reading


  • Plastic construction is somewhat flimsy
  • Dimming is somewhat uneven
  • When placed on your desk, the plastic shade may pose a tripping hazard
  • Some may experience connectivity issues when connected to non-Philips firmware

The Hue Go portable LED lamp, which is a portable lighting solution of your choice to brighten up your life. The lamp comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that is also extremely compact.

It is most suitable for atmosphere and creating a comfortable atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. Its acrylic body, and 3-LED lights will give off a soft white glow. They are a particular favorite with a sleep conditioner.

It brings together a lighting solution, music, and movies to make it an ideal product for use indoors. The lamp is controlled using your smartphone with an app. As such, it can be used to remotely broadcast music or internet radio. Furthermore, the lamp can be used with Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

The portable and ultraminimalistic design of the Hue Go makes it a perfect lamp for using as a desk lamp on your bedside area. In addition, you can charge it via a USB cable, as well as operate it with your voice command with a range up to 15 feet.

The Hue Go consumes less energy, and it is a perfect option for someone that is constantly on the go or is a bit forgetful with turning off the light switch.

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