Shun Premier Nakiri Knife Review

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We had our experts take a look at the Shun Premier Nakiri Knife to provide you with the inside scoop on its qualities.

We’ll provide you with all the detailed information you could need. You just need to make your own final decision.

Our rating: 9 / 10

Cost: $$$$

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  • Sharp edges from top to bottom
  • Perfectly balanced
  • The wavy blade reduces drag and cuts effortlessly
  • Super sharp
  • Perfect balance between weight and strength


  • The knife is pretty small, it’s not suitable for large pieces of cutting
  • Good for those who use a knife for vegetables and herbs only

This knife might not look like much, but it does the job of slicing v-e-r-y-y-y-y-y-y-y fine and thin vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers like nobody's business. In addition, the layered, damascus steel cut-outs that make up the "blade" are actually a signature pattern to this knife, which makes it (in theory) easier to sharpen over time, though in reality, unless you're a true expert, you're probably best off sticking with the standard leather and steel sheath that the knife ships with for general sharpening.

Each piece of the blade is made of individually layered steel, meaning that each piece has it's own unique cut pattern, which helps with the knife's ability to slice thin. The layers of steel are forged together and then given an engraved hammering that makes the knife much more durable to normal wear and tear.

In addition to the nakiri, the knife also includes a five-inch utility knife, which comes in handy for cutting, scraping, and all the other general utility things you'd want handy for making dinner.

The Shun Premier series is designed with the ridiculous top-of-the-line and super-expensive chef-friendly Japanese users in mind, so it's perhaps not the best option for home use. However, if you're preparing a really fresh and high-quality meal or doing a lot of prep work for a larger party or event, it's a good knife to carry around.

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