Top 10 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests in a Small Apartment

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Clear the Clutter From Your Space and Clean it Thoroughly

First and foremost, you need to clear the clutter from your apartment. Not only is this a general housekeeping necessity, it will also help make your guests feel comfortable they will not trip or stub their toes.

Make sure you have a nice, clean space for your guests to stretch out on the couch or relax in the bed.

Now, getting your apartment as clean as possible will be good for you, because you probably can’t or won’t want to do any more cleaning during your guests’ stay. Be sure to clean every nook and cranny and empty the trash cans.

The last thing your guests will want is to smell a week’s worth of trash that you bagged up and hid in a closet.

It will also be a good idea to give the floor and counters a good scrubbing with some water and a little bit of soap.

Any mess that’s accumulated can make a visitor uncomfortable and you want to leave your apartment looking as good as possible since you will no doubt have new friends you want to impress.

Incorporate a Good Quality Air Mattress

Having an extra bed in your living room, as an occasional bed for a couple of visitors, can really turn things around. It makes the space come alive; and it can be a real escape for your visitors.

Some high end air mattresses are incredibly plush. With their added layers of padding, toppers and cushioning, they can rival most standard spring-mattresses in quality and support.

Inflating your air mattress can be a real hassle and that’s why I would suggest investing in an air mattress with a quick-inflate feature. This feature will make inflating your air mattress an absolute breeze!

A Comfy Murphy Bed is an Ideal Space-Saving Solution

When guests come visit, you might think that your small apartment is too small to accommodate your guests.

However, there are many space-saving solutions you can incorporate to ensure a comfortable stay. A Murphy Bed is one of the most popular options, as these beds are very compact and incredibly easy to set up.

In a Murphy bed, an upholstered bench seat is mounted on rails in the wall. When guests come over, you simply fold down the seat, and voila!

The bed is already set.

Cozy and Comfortable Blankets and Sheets

For any guest room, sheets are key as they show you are willing to go the extra mile to make them feel at home.

Shopping for sheets is tricky because you want them to be sumptuous while ensuring they get tucked in well.

Why not choose a satin or silk sheet?

Satin sheets are so soft they will feel luxurious! Plus they will be smooth and feel silky-soft to the touch!

Silk sheets may be more expensive, but they have a luxurious look and feel using a quality weave.

Either way, your bedding options are endless!

Make the Room Comfortable with Proper Arrangements

People come to stay with You, not your place. Therefore, make some room for them to feel comfortable in their own surroundings.

It is imperative to make your guests feel comfortable and at home. You don’t have to sell yourself and go all out on decor. An unnecessary amount of cushion, a soft comfy rug, and a few paintings on the wall that depict an enjoyable atmosphere will do the trick!

Think, place the bed in a corner, arrange a few chairs and a small coffee table for the guests. Be sure to keep enough space for your guests to walk around.

Since most Swedish apartments are small, with simple amenities, it is imperative you make the room comfortable with proper arrangement. Take out your sofa bed and make it up for your guests.

Instead of putting your bedside table in a corner, keep it near the bed so that you and your guests have a comfortable place to put things.

Proper Closets in the Bathroom to Store Bathroom Essentials.

Many people choose to limit bathroom closet space to make it more open and spacious. However, you can create shelving in your bathroom to store your toiletries. This can help make the space look larger and more open.

A Foldable Screen or Room Divider for that Additional Privacy

When hosting overnight guests in a small apartment you need to find every way possible to make the space feel comfortable and cute. One of the first tasks with designing a space intended to be shared is finding a way to add some privacy to the room.

At times, it may be important for your guests to have some privacy and once you have a foldable screen it is easy. Just place a screen up in the corner and you have a really fast easy way to add some walls to the space.

Stores carrying items like these come in varied sizes and you can find the size that works best for your space.

A Bench or Chair to Store Luggage

For smaller households, a bench or a chair that folds out of the way will be much more suitable for an overnight guest than a guest bed. If you are lucky enough to have room for a chest of drawers, then this would be perfect. Simply lift up the lid of the chest of drawers, place the luggage inside and then lift the lid back down again. There is a little trickier way to do this if you don’t have the room for the chest in your apartment though. You can use a folding chair and place the luggage on top of it, but you’ll need to leave enough room so that the seat of the chair can fold out again and to be on top of the luggage.

Space-Saving Coffee Tables

A coffee table is a great piece of furniture to have in small living rooms. They’re so versatile in that they can function to serve as a table to place things on but can also be used to host board games, drinks and other dining activities.

But if you don’t have a lot of extra space, getting a table that you don’t really need is a waste. Instead, invest in a space-saving coffee table that allows you to stash away your things when not in use.

Among the coffees tables you can use are bookshelves, foldable tables, and tables with side storage. Be sure to choose surfaces with sturdy bookshelves that have unique designs to fit their use as a coffee table.

Keep Snacks and Drinks on Hand

I probably enjoy entertaining more than I enjoy cooking. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning while you enjoy a glass of wine or take a dip in the Jacuzzi.For me, the toughest part of hosting is decorating my home for guests. I have a small home, so I need to streamline my furniture and belongings.

Hosting overnight guests can also be difficult if you have a small couch or bed. Sometimes, our guests prefer a full size mattress, and that’s what I have to give them.

It’s only fair to make your guests feel welcome in your home by offering them snacks and drinks. So I try to keep snacks and drinks on hand for guests, even though I don’t have much to offer. My cabinet always has a few cookies, chips or crackers, and some sodas.

Final Words

It’s actually easier than you think. First and foremost, make sure your guests are clear about your lack of spare room. Don’t play hostess with the mostest; this will stress you both out. Instead, offer a comfortable chair and good books. Be flexible and be sure you don’t pressure your guest to leave prematurely. If they are coming from a place of love, they truly don’t mind inconveniencing you.

Give yourself space. Get up early. Offer them a packed breakfast and let them go ahead of you. You will have time to yourself and you’ll feel better for it.

Declare an area off-limits. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Move the TV to the living room, for example, or turn your bathroom into a dressing room. If your guest is rude or intrusive, you’ll have a safe zone to retreat to.

Keep it clean. Realize that if your guest’s room is messy, they will feel insecure. It’s amazing how a neat and tidy room makes guests feel relaxed. Throw some old pillowcases over messy piles that won’t be used. If you have a big mess in the living room, put plastic over the rug.