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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Vegetable Knife.

Let’s see why it’s such a popular product.

Our rating: 8 / 10

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  • Excellent sharpness
  • Very comfortable handle
  • Strong grip
  • Very durable

Japanese chef knives are generally considered to be the best kitchen knives. However, they are one of the hardest types of knives to master. The length of the blade is often too long for Western cooks and the blade shape and undercutting is different as well. But the superior steel used in Japanese blades makes them extremely versatile and capable of handling a wide variety of food.

Usuba has the classic handle with a slightly thicker handle at the bottom that is designed to help grip the knife. The blade shape is a lot flatter than the Western chefs knife. On a Western chef knife like this, the blade might be cut to a sharp bevel, but in a Japanese knife like this one, the whole blade is sharp. It's a drop-point design, which is a lot more versatile. The great thing about a Western chef knife is how it can do almost anything but a Japanese knife will do everything better.

The blade is stainless and has a mirror-polished finish with a razor sharp edge. The steel used is a high-quality German material, which holds an edge for a long time and gives you great feedback when cutting through foods.

I like the design of this knife a lot. The handle is a combination of a hardwood grip with a hard plastic handle. It feels really comfortable and ergonomic and the blade is balanced.

As for other features, the knife does come with a protective strip of material that goes over the metal of the knife to help provide some shock absorption and protect the blade. This allows the knife to give you surprising feedback due to the hollow handle which also adds to the ergonomic properties of the knife.

The safety features of the knife is a foot lever built into the blade that prevents the chef from accidently dropping the knife. It's also a safety feature to prevent staining of the wood. The knife is also extremely sharp so be careful or use the protective strip of material as a good grip can easily cause a cut or scratch.

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